Can I purchase the package in one installment instead of four?

*Yes. We broke payments in to four monthly installments to make it more manageable for people to pay. However if you’d like to pay in a single installment, at the bottom of the form there is a button that says “Pay in one installment”. Click that and proceed to checkout.

*Is my data safe?

*YES! We take your personal information very seriously. We only keep your name, email and phone number on file so that we can contact you, keep you up to date and send you necessary trip details. We never see your inancial data and address and they are never stored on our sight. It all goes through Stripe, which is an award-winning payment matrix and the industry standard for secure data and fraud protection.

* What is the departure time from Atlanta?  

         * 10:00am. The bus leaves promptly for 10am, please do NOT be late :). Please arrive for 8:45am for breakfast.

*Are outside food and drinks allowed for the vacation trip?

         * Yes. Bring anything you’d like :). However, no outside food or drink is allowed at the actual festival events.

* What does the package price include?

          * Depending on which package you choose (one/two/four person package), it includes:

+ Round trip travel from Atlanta to New Orleans on private coach bus.

+ 3 night stay at the 4-star boutique downtown International House Hotel.

+ Entry to all 7 official NOLA Caribbean Festival events.

+ In-city travel on private coach bus to and from hotel and all official events.

*Is food and drink included?

* Partially. Breakfast & lunch as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided on the bus ride to and from New Orleans. Food and drink (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) will also be provided during the NOLA Caribbean Festival Carnival Parade.

* Can I bring my dog, cat or alligator?

          * No. We love animals but unfortunately you will need to find them a babysitter :).

*What is the refund policy?

*All sales are final. Due to the nature of our contracts with third parties (i.e. hotel, transportation etc) we are not able to issue refunds.

*Can I purchase travel protection/insurance?

*Of course. We do not offer an official NOLA Caribbean Festival travel insurance plan but there are many great options out there.

*Are kids allowed?

*Yes but…this trip is a mature party experience and as such any kids must be 15 years or older. (Anyone not 21+ will not be able to attend certain festivities).